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Information Management

OPiH has invested heavily in information management systems, both clinical and administrative. OPiH played a significant role in the development and implementation of electronic health records in Ontario and was the beta site for a Ministry of Health breakthrough project. In 1999 we implemented an EMR with newly established minimum licensing standards used by Ontario MD and also participated in promoting the roll out of EMRs throughout Ontario.

OPiH processes are all designed to take advantage of technology for automation, completeness and accuracy as well as the ability to analyze and improve performance regularly. Our use of EMR is considered leading edge by many in the industry and we employ multiple complementary technologies to increase the value derived from our systems.

Our Information Management department works tirelessly to extract value from our investments in technology as well as to ensure optimal up time and risk mitigation/business continuity for our systems. We use metrics on a variety of clinical and administrative activities to guide our decision-making and also work closely with our clinical teams to develop tools to streamline the delivery of care while capturing essential data.

OPiH trains in-house for all our IT systems, with a significant focus on EMR training for clinicians and staff members. Our dedicated trainers develop organizational standards for all processes and then design and deliver a curriculum to ensure that all staff and providers are equipped to reach those standards.

OPiH Document Management department handles over 18,000 documents each month and has innovated a number of processes to ensure speed, accuracy and privacy. OPiH has a designated Privacy Officer and is fully compliant with privacy legislation through policies, procedures and regular refresher training for the staff and providers.

OPiH uses a cloud-based human capital management system that includes tools for human resources management, payroll, benefits, talent management, compliance, etc. to provide comprehensive HR management and reporting to our clients. We also make extensive use of internal communication and document sharing/storage tools among employees, departments, providers, etc.