About Us

Ontario Partners in Health (OPiH) is a privately-held, health services management company founded in 1989 with our first mandate being to manage health services for the University of Ottawa Health. Over the last 30 years we have operated officially as the University of Ottawa Health Services (UOHS), until 2019 when a name change was made to better reflect our broader mandate to develop and manage healthcare services for clients and partners in our surrounding community.

Since our inception, OPiH has expanded the breadth and scope of services offered to the University of Ottawa community as well serving alumni and the general community. We have gone from a small clinic with 3 full-time physicians, 1 full-time psychiatrist, a part-time physiotherapist, and 7 staff members occupying a 2000 square feet space to a large and modern inter-disciplinary practice that is approved as both a Family Health Organization (FHO, 2006) and a Family Health Team (FHT Wave 3, 2006). The University of Ottawa Health Services and the Family Health Team, now known collectively known as ByWard FHT, currently has over 100 health care professionals and 115 staff members with 6 locations comprising over 35,000 square feet of space on, and adjacent to, the University of Ottawa main campus as well as at its headquarters at 2310 St. Laurent Blvd. in Ottawa.

Under OPiH’s management and coordination, ByWard FHT providers and staff work tirelessly to deliver enhanced health services to the University of Ottawa and surrounding communities. The combined total of the operating budgets for fiscal 2020/2021 is over $13M.


As a result of our innovative model, which incorporates services to the broader community, our skills and expertise have expanded well beyond the post-secondary context. OPiH has evolved into a premier primary health care services delivery organization, while maintaining excellence in the specific dimension of student health.

In addition to our core work managing the student health service of the University of Ottawa, OPiH has extended our activities into clinical services for a variety of other clients. Revenues generated by the activities managed by OPiH for our partners are retained by our partners, providing them with much needed funding to be used to increase services to their constituents.

Significant expansion of space and services, particularly over the last 10 years, has provided OPiH with many opportunities to hone skills and develop experience and resources in the areas of clinical management, human resources management, project management, facilities management, information management, marketing and communications, government relations, and in particular, student relations/placements and service excellence.

Administrative Team

In addition to the organization’s wealth of knowledge and experience overall, OPIH is led by a very solid administrative team. Our leaders and managers bring a wide range of skills to their work and are always eager to tackle new challenges, innovate for the benefit of patients and apply their skills in meaningful ways and in support of organizational goals. Our Executive Team, in particular, brings a diverse range of complementary skills to the organization:

OPiH President and CEO

Christopher Fisher, has occupied several upper management positions with the organization since early 2006 and has spearheaded a more than two-fold expansion of the organization through the conversion to a Family Health Organization and the addition of a Family Health Team. Mr. Fisher’s knowledge and experience in clinic and business management, change management and particularly the implementation of primary care models in a student-focused context have been honed through his work with OPiH over the last 15 years.

OPIH Director of Operations

Nathalie Laforest joined the OPiH team in 2010. Mrs. Laforest has over 10 years of experience in leadership roles in both the public and private sector and has extensive knowledge of administrative support functions. She is an integral part of the management team responsible for planning the day-to-day operations of our administrative support teams. Nathalie is also responsible for developing and implementing several organizational strategies, policies and practices.

OPiH Director of Finance

Nina Reznikova brings with her many years of extensive professional experience in finance management and analysis having worked most recently at the Appletree Medical Group.  Nina obtained her Certified Management Accounting Degree in 2008 as well as her Certified Professional Accountant Degree in 2014.  She graduated from the Business Leader for Finance Executive Program at the University of Toronto in 2015. As a volunteer, Nina is a Board Member for the Public Services Health and Safety Association.

OPiH Director of Rehabilitation Services

Josée Lemaire joined the OPiH team in 2017. Mrs. Lemaire has been a practicing Speech and Language Pathologist with a wide range of pediatric and adult clientele in the private and community sectors since 2000.  With over 18 years of experience in healthcare management, she is the perfect person to lead the Rehabilitation Services Team for OPiH.  With a strong focus on interprofessional care, Josée is dedicated to improving the service delivery to patients across the continuum of care.  Providing bilingual healthcare services in the region and providing world class clinical education for multiple universities’ graduate program and collegiate programs across multiple disciplines has shaped how Josée manages our rehabilitation services teams.

Founder and Former Medical Director

Founder and past President of OPiH as well as former Medical Director, Dr. Donald Kilby, has over 40 years of experience as a physician. He has previously been appointed chair of both Federal and Provincial Ministerial Advisory Councils for HIV and AIDS and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts to his work with OPiH. Although now retired from clinical practice, Don remains very involved with OPiH in an advisory capacity.