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Clinical Management

The diverse and complex nature of the services we provide and the populations we serve, including a diverse group of health care providers, means that OPiH has become expert in the development of clinical processes and work flows. Our goal is always to provide the highest quality of care in the most efficient manner possible. From the development of a myriad of formal, written clinical policies and processes to the submission of an annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) to Ontario Health, OPiH demonstrates a high degree of professionalism in the area of clinical management.

In addition to a high degree of quality and efficiency within our core operations, OPiH is able to provide project and supervisory support for off-site activities such as flu clinics, COVID-19 testing, anonymous HIV testing and other specialized projects. We also ensure that all students with clinical placement components to their programs are adequately immunized and we oversee the medical certificate process for the University with regards to accommodations, exam deferrals, etc.

Our work in managing rehabilitation programs in Long-Term Care and in the community has afforded us the opportunity to develop a wide range of experience in delivering services in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology and audiology. We routinely take on contracts to deliver these specialized services on behalf of a variety of clients including school boards, community care agencies, associations and others.